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Project Idea – GSM Patient Health Monitoring


GSM based Patient Health Monitoring Project mainly works for allowing doctors or relatives of patient to check the status of patient health remotely. The system calculates the heartbeats and body temperature of patient and if it goes above certain limit then immediate informative alert message will be sent to the …

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Mature markets – Maximising the molecule

Collectively the mature markets generate 59% of the total revenues but they are becoming more difficult places where to prosper. They are demanding better outcomes as a precondition for paying for new medicines. Financial pressures have played a part in hardening healthcare payers’ policies. Crushing demographic and epidemiological factors have …

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India’s booming progress in various fields has given a kick start to the growth spree of the Indian Polymer Industry.  These have laid down a positive path for the polymer growth story in the country. The Development in the Indian Polymer Packaging Products has brought in the revolution with more …

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