Impact of Tourism on Indian Hospital industry

The Indian hospitality industry consists of a wide range of fields within the service industry which include hotels, restaurants, transportation, cruise lines and several additional fields within the tourism industry.


The travel and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India and contributes to 5.9 percent of the GDP and provides employment to 41.8 million people. It primarily consists of organizations and businesses belonging to diverse sectors and industries. SMEs are most of the players in this industry.

The different types of Indian tourism can be classified as follows:

Business Tourism– Business tourism comprises those traveling to India for the purpose of business related activities such as meetings, seminars, exhibitions and conventions.

Leisure Tourism– Leisure tourism comprises trips for pleasure.

Medical Tourism– Medical tourism comprises the rapidly-growing practice of travelling across international borders to for healthcare.

Adventure Tourism– Adventure tourism comprises traveling to exotic or remote places for the purpose of adventure related activities like mountaineering, skiing, rock climbing, skating.

Heritage tourism– Heritage tourism is defined as “travel undertaken to explore and experience places, activities, and artifacts that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present

Rural tourism– Benefiting the local economy socially and economically, this form of tourism showcases rural art, culture and heritage.

Tourism & hospitality are thus growing hand in hand & making way for growth opportunities in the domain.


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